Catzz Motel               

The Marlborough Boarding Cattery, Blenheim.

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6 Steam Wharf rd, Grovetown,Blenheim,NZ
03 5778482
027 4106227


                    At time of check-in we do require the "vet book" to be brought with showing up to date Vaccinations / booster within the last year.
                    Unfortunately we cannot board  "Toms" older than 5 months, unless neutered.

Christmas Bookings:

We do ask for a deposit of $50 per unit booked over the Xmas period, from and including 21 December to 07 January.
Please ask for more details on this, when calling.

Closed for drop off and collection on: Christmas Day, Boxing Day, and New Years day

Each guest has their own individual run, unless you request a sharing  option (see below * ) with your second cat.

We don't have a communal area

Fees :

    $10.00 per night , per guest in their own individual guest room.

   *  $9.00 per night , per guest sharing. from the same family    

All fees to be paid on collection.


Drop off  and collection is by prior arrangement only  

To avoid missing us , should we have  had to go out,  please book a drop off and collection time.

Closed for drop off and collection on: Christmas Day, Boxing Day, and New Years day   


                   We supply a premium grade grain free kibble, from GO (Canada) as well as from Blackhawk (Australia)
                    Both are available  to purchase loose.


If your pet prefers / needs a special diet, bring only the amount of food needed, in a resealable container
with the pets first and last name on the outside.

As we have limited freezer space we cannot accept any frozen foods.

All unused kibble at time of check out is binned.


We value the safety of all the pets in our care, and to that end, access to the enclosure is strictly controlled.

We don't allow anyone under age 18 into the enclosure.

Access to individual guest runs is  strictly limited to the pet owners.

Owners are always welcome to visit their pets at any time, during hours,provided an appointment is made.

We suggest owners deliver / collect their pets using a dedicated cage. (they may be perfectly happy in a car, but if there is a vehicle accident, they will run off as soon as doors are opened.


                   There are a number of infectious diseases in NZ., some of which can prove deadly and or are highly contageous
                   Cat flu and  Enteritis are the ones that we require to be  done at the minimum.

                    Our requirements are:

                                Vaccinations / booster must be up to date and done on a yearly basis.

                   If the vaccinations / booster have fallen behind by more than 3 months, and or a  booster is still required, we will decline  the reservation.
                   You must bring the vaccination record book with you.  (showing confirmation of vaccination)

Upon arrival we reserve the right to turn away your pet if it is showing obvious signs of illness.

All vet bills, should  a vet visit be required, are to the owners account.

Should your pet require medicine (for non contagious conditions) during his / her stay we are more than happy to administer this at no cost.
Medicine  must be labelled with your pets name, vet's name, and what the medicine is for as well as dosage.

If your pet has special needs  including medical, please print them all out in point form.

We also ask that your pets are treated for fleas/ worms. Please discuss your pets needs with your vet.


We are happy to fetch your pet from the airport should the need arise.
We do not own or board any dogs.

               At time of visit we do require the "vet book" to be onsite, showing up to date Vaccinations.
                   Unfortunately we cannot board  Toms older than 5 months, unless neutered.