Catzz Motel          marlborough cattery

The Marlborough Boarding Cattery, Blenheim.       

6 Steam Wharf rd, Grovetown,
Blenheim, Marlborough

03 577 8482

027 410 6227



Frequently asked questions

Q. What are your charges ?

A. We charge $10 per night, each, single.

                         $9 per night 2 cats sharing.(your cats)  No communal available

Q. Are there early collection penalties? I.E. I wish to cut my stay short.

A. Yes and no.

    We understand life gets in the way of our plans.

    We do appreciate a heads up though, as this will enable us to curtail consumable wastage.

    Christmas period is the only exception, and any space booked will be fully charged for.

Q. What should I bring?

A. If its the first time with us , an old t shirt or similar with your scent on it.
       Given that we provide bedding, sometimes owners like to bring bedding.               
          Please ensure the foot print of your bedding is small.
          9 times out of 10 they prefer our bedding.

    Any medication that your cat is currently on.
    Your pets vet book showing up to date vaccination within the last year.

Q. What food will my cat get?

A. We provide a premium grade kibble, also available to purchase.

   We also provide wet food.

Q. Should I bring my cats own food?

A. Only if your cat is on a special diet.
     Please don't bring frozen food .

Q. Do I get a discount for supplying my own food?

A. Unfortunately no.

Q. What hours do you keep?

A. We work by appointment, as we don't have office staff.

    Without an appointment time slot, you may miss us. Please call first. Additionally we are closed for drop off and collection on all public holidays.
    Time slots available between 10AM and 5PM

Q Can I collect my cat after dark?

A We do not  enter the cattery after dark.

Q. Can I visit my cat?

A. Yes, we don't have an issue with that.

    By appointment , and if possible keep visits to once a week.

    No visits on Sundays

Q. Do you pat and or play with the cats in your care?

A. Yes we give each cat individual attention and interact as much as practical , depending on what your cat allows.

Q. Are there dogs on the premises?

A. No

Q. Do you care for older cats?

A. Yes we have had many elderly guests, stay with us.

Q. My cat needs medication, can you administer that?

A. Generally yes, but please discuss your cats needs prior to making a booking.

Q. My cats vaccinations are not up to date. Will you accept him / her?

A.  We can on occasion accommodate your cat in our isolation units , (read, space available and how busy we are)  provided that the initial vaccination has literally just been done,
      with the vets  book showing the follow up date, within the next few weeks.
     Isolation charges will be incurred should we be able to take in your cat.

     Please discuss this with us prior to booking as its not a given that we can take your cat in.

Q. My cat is unwell, can I still bring it to your facilities?

A. It depends what you mean by unwell.
     We will definitely not accept any cat with an infectious disease.

     It is best you contact us first.

Q. Will you de-flea my cat?

A. We will do this for you. Bring the flea treatment you usually use, with.

    It is preferable that your cat be treated in the weeks prior to their stay with us, if they have missed a treatment.